About Me

I’m a Happily Married Mom of 3 + 1 kids (25yr old son, 24yr old bonus-daughter, 20yr old daughter & 18yr old son) and 5 cats, who gets to stay home and do the things I love. I crochet as often as I can and I love making up new designs in crochet. My oldest son does have Asperger’s Syndrome & Hydrocephalus, so when things go wrong, I have to be ready at a moments notice. Please check out Jonathan’s Story.

I enjoy crocheting, knitting, drawing, painting, painting on ArtRage and working on Photoshop. My grandmother taught me crochet when I was 7yrs old, I am self-taught in knitting and on Photoshop,  and my art education is all through my school career, from elementary through high school.

I also live everyday with Fibromyalgia.

My Hobbies, Fandoms, and Random Things

My Hobbies

I love crafting and art.

My favorites are:

  • Crochet
  • Knit
  • tatting- still new at it though
  • Needle Felting
  • Bead Weaving
  • Beaded Stringing
  • pencil drawing
  • painting
  • Photoshop
  • ArtRage
  • writing patterns for crochet
  • teaching others how to crochet, knit and make pretty things with beads
  • and pretty much anything that catches my interest

My Fandoms

Well, I am a middle-aged fangirl and squee just as loud as the younger fangirls. ♥♥♥

Don’t get me started on these particular fandoms or you’ll never get me to shut up

  • Doctor Who- especially the New Who and the Ninth/Tenth Doctor, though I can go on and on about Classic Who also. The Forth Doctor was my “First Doctor”.
  • Phantom of the Opera- anything and everything Phantom. I have 3 versions of the Lon Chaney PotO on DVD, the 2004 ALW PotO starring Gerard Butler and Robert Englunds horror version of PotO. I still have yet to see ALW’s PotO on stage, it is one of my goals, plus I need to convince my husband to take me. What can I say I’m a Phangirl
  • Amanda Tapping ♥- I just wanna be her when I grow up. kthxbye ♥
  • Richard Dean Anderson ♥- MacGyver/Jack O'Neill... Need I say more.
  • Gerard Butler ♥- Well what can I say, Scottish, handsome and an awesome actor to boot
  • David Tennant ♥- see above comment, every word of it applies here too
  • Superman ♥- I just love Superman! Ok.
  • Farscape- hubby rented the 1st couple seasons and I was immediately hooked! I now own the 10th Anniversary Farscape Complete Series Box and the Peacekeeper Wars movie.
  • Stargate SG-1- I LOVELOVELOVE this show! I’m a major Sam/Jack  Shipper
  • Sanctuary- Why does it figure that as soon as I discover this show and fall in love with it, it gets cancelled??!?
  • There are many others, but I think these are my main ones right now.

 Random Things

Exactly what it says, these are the random things that I like

  • Penguins- yes I love Penguins. I think they are adorable 
  • Music- I love music, just about all kinds, although I'm not really thrilled about most of the current popular stuff, RnB, Rap and country, although I like the older classic country and bluegrass when I'm in the mood for it. A lot of my favorites are pretty much Indy and Alternative and I love the obscure stuff, the stuff that most people haven't heard before. I love soundtracks and original cast recordings from musicals and New Age music too. Oh, and I really like to listen to music in other languages from other countries, mostly the stuff from Europe and Asia.
  • SciFi/Fantasy- TV shows, movies, books...
  • Renaissance Faires/Festivals- I love them. I had worked at the Michigan Renaissance Festival for over 10 years and before that I was a "professional patron" for about 3 years. I love the atmosphere and the garb,
  • Faeries, Unicorns and Dragons- yeah, I collect them.
  • Toys- yes I have toys, lots of them. Some are collections, others I do play with. I have 2 Lightsabers, both 'Mace Windue purple' and both light up and make the sounds and a remote control R2-D2, yes, I do play with them. I have the 12" Dr Daniel Jackson and Lt Colonel Cameron Mitchell dolls from Stargate SG1. I have a collection of Doctor Who (New Who) figures. I also have a few different working Sonic Screwdrivers (the Fourth Doctors, The Tenth Doctors, River Songs, the War Doctors and a Trans-Temporal Sonic Screwdriver), a mini Sonic Screwdriver on a key-chain, a small Tenth Doctor light up, no sound, pen Sonic Screwdriver and a Semi-Psychic paper. The Tenth Doctor's               Sonic Screwdriver has a pen nib and an invisible ink nib and the blue light at the end is UV for seeing the messages on the psychic paper written with the invisible ink. I also have 2 of the 4 Angel puppet replicas from the episode 'Smiletime' from the Joss Whedon show 'Angel:The Series'. Last, but not least, I have the Official Metal Plated Malcolm Reynolds Stunt Pistol Replica from Firefly. I'm also probably forgetting some things. Ok yes, I am a Giant Over-Grown Geek lol
  • Comic books- yes I am that much of a geek, although I am quite particular on the comic book series I read. I like Graphic novels too.
  • Halloween- Need I say more?
"Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination."  ~Voltaire
"The stars look very different today"
-David Bowie

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