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My End of the Year Holiday Sale is on Now!

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Hydrocephalus Awareness

My son, he is just one of the many reasons why we need Awareness.

"Hydrocephalus (from Greek hydro-, meaning "water", and kephalos, meaning "head") is a medical condition in which there is an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the brain. This causes increased intracranial pressure inside the skull and may cause progressive enlargement of the head if it occurs in childhood, potentially causing convulsion, tunnel vision, and mental disability. It was once informally called "Water on the brain."[1]

Hydrocephalus can be caused by congenital or acquired factors. Congenital causes include Spina Bifida, Arnold–Chiari malformation, craniosynostosis, Dandy–Walker syndrome, and Vein of Galen malformations. Acquired causes include hemorrhage, meningitis, head trauma, tumors, and cysts.

Two types of hydrocephalus are commonly described non-communicating hydrocephalus and communicating hydrocephalus, although there is evidence that communicating forms can lead to obstruction of CSF flow in many instances."

~excerpts from the Hydrocephalus Wikipedia page


Jonathan's Hydrocephalus Story

Jonathan was born with Aqueductal Stenosis and Chiari Malformation Type 1. Both conditions are brain abnormalities that happen during development in the womb before birth that cause congenital hydrocephalus, commonly known as "water on the brain". The only treatment for this condition is the insertion of a shunt into the brain. A shunt consists of some kind of regulating hardware, like a valve, either a programmable or fixed pressure, with 2 catheters, the proximal that goes into the ventricles of the brain, and the distal, that ends in the peritoneal cavity in the abdomen (VP shunt) or into the aorta of the heart (VA shunt), both connects to the shunt valve. Jonathan has a VP shunt with a programmable valve. Sometimes there is another piece of hardware needed to help the valve control the flow of the CSF (cerebral-spinal fluid). For Jonathan, that is a gravity compensator that "closes" when he is upright to slow down the flow of fluid through the shunt, and "opens" when he is laying down to help it drain a little more. Since Jonathan was about a year and a half old, up until today, he has had 74 surgeries for his shunt, including the first placement of it at 17mos old. He is now 23yrs old. He has also had 2 surgeries, called Decompressions, to correct the Chiari Malformation, which is a condition where the cerebellum of the brain is herniated down into the spinal cord through the small opening at the back base of the skull. His first decompression was in June of 1994, when he was 23mos old, and the 2nd was just in May of 2014, when he was 21yrs old, almost 22. The Aqueductal Stenosis is a narrowing of a "tube" in the brain call the Aqueduct of Sylvus that is between the 3rd and 4th ventricles causing it almost impossible for the CSF to flow through causing a build up of fluid in the brain.

All of these surgeries are considered to be brain surgery and as of 11-05-15, at the age of 23 years old, between the shunt and the Chiari, he has had a total of 76 brain surgeries. This is why we need Hydrocephalus awareness and research for better treatment for this condition.

(On top of all of that, he also has Asperger's Syndrome.)

Written on November 10, 2015 by Jennifer Christensen

Update: As of November 3, 2016, Jonathan had his 75th Shunt Surgery at 24 years of age, making that a total of 77 Brain Surgeries.

Knitsy Magazine Issue #25

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Tis the Season December Sale

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As of right now, I have custom orders open for the Cascading Petals Necklace, the Simply Petals Necklace, the Layered Petals Collar-Style Necklace, and the Layered Petals Cuff-Style Bracelet.

Holiday/End of Year Pattern Sale!
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Sale good from December 6, 2014 through December 31, 2014 – 11:59pm EST

Dragon Scale Shrug
One Size Download - For a Limited Time Only

I am offering a Free Download Special of my Dragon Scale Shrug in a single size pattern for a limited time while I am looking for testers for the additional sizes.

The measurements are 16” shoulder to shoulder across back/shoulder blades, 8” wrist circumference, with the Sleeve length being customizable.

To Download, please visit the PATTERN PAGE on Ravelry.

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Cascading Petals and Single Petal Earrings
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New Designs!
The Creative Muse hit me up side the head the other night with this new earring idea, so, of course, I just had to listen and make them real! I have a few other variations in my head that I'll be working on also. I'm thinking of writing the patterns and making a pdf pattern booklet for purchase. I'm also thinking about making an inventory of them to sell online.

And, of course the Creative Muse had to come up with necklaces too :)

New "in the Works" Pattern

My latest pattern, the Dragon Scale Shrug, has now been written and is now in the testing process. The only thing is that I'm not happy with the name. "Dragon Scale" is actually the one of the names of the stitch pattern I used to make this shrug and I am having a difficult time thinking of a name for it. So far I have gotten 2 "Game of Thrones" name references for it lol

The shrug pictured is my "prototype", made in size 10 crochet cotton thread, and I am in the process of making another in Patons Lace size 2/fine yarn in the Porcelain colorway. After that, I will be making an alternate version of this shrug with closer fitting sleeves that "bell out" at the wrist over the hand, as requested by my daughter. That one will be made in Patons Lace in the Sachet colorway.

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